How To Have A Bratz Slumber Party

This is how to have a bratz slumber party. It's very easy to put a bratz party together. Get the invitations ready. And start planning your party early. And don't forget the bratz fashions and make-up too.

A Bratz Slumber Birthday Party

Ask any 6-12-year-old girl to what do the names Jasmin, Sasha, Jade, and Cloe refer, and you will undoubtedly get the same answer: Bratz. Bratz are a set of dolls with attitude. For many years Barbie has controlled the doll market; that was until Bratz entered the market. MGA Entertainment, the makers of the Bratz doll line, designed the hip doll line. The dolls have extreme features (full lips, large head, small body), wear hip clothes, and modern hairstyles. As with many toys that take the world by storm, Bratz have expanded beyond being just dolls.

The Bratz are presently featured in movies, video games, and television shows. Bratz was originally four girls. Bratz Boyz, Bratz Kidz, and Bratz Babyz are now also available. Despite some criticism from some parents and interest groups, Bratz continue to be incredibly popular. If there is a young girl in your life celebrating a birthday soon, there is a good chance that she’s tugging at your coat tails for you to throw her a Bratz party. A fun idea for a young girl’s birthday party is a Bratz slumber party. The only thing that must be present at a Bratz slumber party is the Bratz. Each young girl can bring her own Bratz doll. Before the party, the girls can go shopping for new clothes for their Bratz dolls. If the girls are particularly close, they may opt to exchange clothes instead of buying new ones.

Since the Bratz slumber party is a late night event, light snacks, such as popcorn are recommended. Preparing the snacks can be an activity for the party girls. Fun snacks to make for a Bratz slumber party include Rice Krispie treats, cookies, popcorn balls, and smoothies. Slumber parties are perfect for watching movies. A Bratz party is the perfect opportunity to watch a Bratz movie or play Bratz video games. In addition to the dolls, the girls should also bring Bratz sleepwear.

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Bratz Slumber Party


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