Bratz Fun Games To Play

If you are giving a party you can find Bratz fun games to play. You and your guest can have a delightful time. Here are some tips and places to got to get you started.

Bratz Party Fun Trivia for the Guests

The original Bratz characters were Cloe, Jade, Yasmin and Sasha. They are four preteen girl dolls with large eyes, lips and cool fashion wear. They have lots of cool urban fashion gear that preteen girls can accessorizes them with. In the years since MGA Entertainment first put out the original Bratz dolls, several new friends have been added. There’s Meygan, Dana, Fianna, Nevra, Tiana, Kumi, Felicia, Katia, and Kiana. The Bratz Pack also includes Boy Bratz and four sets of twin Bratz.

Eventually the Bratz gang has grown to include lots and lots of lines. They are now a symbol of girl power. The most recent collections include Play Sportz, Live in Concert, Space Angelz Pop Stars, Treasures!, DynaMite, Birthday Bash, Midnight Dance, Hollywood Style and the Big Bratz feature. The Big Bratz are unique two foot tall versions of Bratz. They were introduced in 2003 with Yasmin and including a new Bratz member annually. Each of the lines feature a cool set of fashion wear geared towards the theme of the line. For instance the Space Angelz Pop Stars have the Out of this World Space Suits, Headsets, and cool matching makeup.

The newest Bratz line is the ultra exotic Bratz Genie Magic. This came out in 2006 and included Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, Jade, and Meygan. They are wearing elaborate Moroccan/Egyptian/Bohemian fashions. Also in this cool line is Katia. She comes in a Genie Bottle that converts into a late night lounge. Kids can pick up lots of good gift items for this line to give their friends at the next Bratz themed party they attend. They are a Genie Magic Desk Clock, Canopy, Mood Lamp, and a magic Fortune Teller. So fart this latest collection of Bratz is the biggest selling line second only to the Bratz Rock Angelz. Don’t forget there is also a Bratz cartoon series and they have lots of music CDs out that can be used for party music.

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Bratz Fun Games To Play - And Lots Of Bratz Dolls


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