Sale On Bratz Dolls - Bratz Dolls Are Banned

Sale On Bratz Dolls - Bratz Dolls Are Banned

There is a great Sale on Bratz Dolls. Bratz Dolls Are Banned. No more bratz dolls guys. Barbie has taken over. No more bratz dolls sold after the holidays. If you want to own one of these, you should really think about purchasing this doll now because after the holidays, they are gone.

MGA has been asked to step down. They have lost their lawsuit to Mattel. These two have been at it for over 4 years. The courts have ruled in Mattel's favor so Barbie has gained her control. This is very sad. The Bratz were very popular.

The Bratz will be great collector's items. So if you are going to purchase, you should do it now. Again, the Bratz Dolls are going out of business. I will miss the Bratz.


Bratz Sasha Doll

The Bratz Sasha Doll rocks!!! She is stylin. She comes with two outfits, and accessories such as a hairbrush, shoes, jewelry and more. You will also get a designed perfume just for you too. Get in style with Sasha and have some fun. Sasha is ready to come home with you today.

Bratz Sasha Doll - She Rocks!