Bratz Makeup Doll

You can have lots of fun with the Bratz Makeup Doll. Your Bratz comes with 2 glitter jars so the both of you can have sparkling fun and shine. There is also a pump action airbrush that really works. The airbrush will let you apply the makeup to your Bratz face. There are also tatoo stencils you can use on your doll or you. You will also receive 7 makeup markers.
You can always reapply differents combinations of makeup anytime you want. You are the makeup artist so you can put the makeup on your Bratz anyway you want. Don't worry mom. Everything washes off very easily. You are going to love your Bratz Makeup Doll.


Bratz Fashion For Passion

The Bratz Fashion For Passion saids it all. The Bratz truly express themselves through their fashions. They also have their own cars, houses and their own line of clothes as we can see. Yes, they are known for their cutting edge outfits.

This line would be the main basic line as with every fashion doll there has to be a main line and this is it. Each Bratz Fashion For Passion doll comes with 3 cool outfits and accessories. With this line the Bratz message is, express yourself and have your own identity. These gorgeous designer dolls have a positive attitude and the fashions speak for themselves.

Buy Bratz Genie Magic Dolls

What gorgeous fashions the Bratz represent. The girls got it going on. When you Buy Bratz Genie Magic Dolls, you will also get the gorgeous fashions they wear. Also with this line of fashion comes a real magic genie bottle that will tell you a fortune.

The Bratz Genie Magic Fashion is true elegance. Very exotic and beautiful. The alluring jewelry and fascinating accessories give great detail to this fashion line. Each Bratz have their own unique exotic fashion. What a fantastic change in having a line of beautiful dolls. So much glamour. I wish I was a little girl again. Buy Bratz Genie Magic Dolls. This is one dazzling and exciting line.

Bratz Kids Dolls
This is the Bratz Kids Dolls before they became Bratz. They are kind of tough Bratz kids. Very adventurous they are. They are just as hip only smaller. These Bratz kids have gorgeous long hair you can style and braid easily. 2 outfits, 2 pairs of shoes and a brush will come with each doll. Ages 4 and up will adore these kidz. The toe nails and finger nails are painted on each doll too.

The Bratz Kids Passion for Friendship and Fun is just that. You should share fun and activities with your friends. The Bratz Kids Dolls are a real exciting line. Let's have fun!


Birthday Bratz Party
Looking to have a birthday Bratz party? Wow! What a great party. Having a party with Sasha, Yasmin, Cloe And Jade will be the best Bratz Birthday Party ever. How about a lip stick pinata to make your party exciting?

First you need to make sure you send out your Bratz invitations first. Next would be the basic items you will need. Plates, cups, napkins, and your Bratz decorations. And of course we know we can not forget the cake.

You want to add some Bratz games to your party. How about a fashion show. Have the girls dressed with hats and bows. End the party with party favors in cute little purses. Fill the purses with lip gloss, some eyeshadow and maybe even a bracelet and other goodies.

You will find many online stores that carry Bratz party supplies. Make it a party that will be an unforgettable one. A birthday Bratz party is the hip thing to do.

Want to bake your own Bratz cake? How about some gorgeous Bratz Art To Get You Started.
Bratz Cake - 1 Do-It-Yourself Edible Cake Art


Bratz Doll Coloring Page
Looking for a Bratz coloring page to entertain your child? Plenty of coloring pages here and it's all about the Bratz.
My daughter loves to color Yasmin because this one is her favorite bratz. The pages are very easy to print out. Cloe, Jade, and Sasha are included too.

You child can color their trendy urban clothing any way they would like to. It's all about fun. It is a great hobby for a child. Coloring is a healthy activity with enhancing great hand and eye coordination. If your child is a Bratz fan, then this is will be good coloring fun.
Bratz Doll Coloring Page

Bratz Dolls Coloring Pages

Bratz Doll Coloring Pages - 3

Bratz Diamond Dolls

The Bratz Diamond Dolls Collection is just fabulous. The girls have a gorgeous fashion style. Bratz Forever Diamondz Collection is glamorous. No wonder girls and teens love the bratz. Sharidan is pretty. She is the newest bratz that has been added to the diamond line.

What I love about this line is, each Bratz comes with a real piece of diamond jewelry. The diamond you will receive is certified and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Wow! Diamonds are really a girls' best friend.

The fashions are sparkling. Check out the photo of Yasmin. Isn't she beautiful? It is a girl thing and it is first class. Bratz Diamond Dolls.


Buy The Bratz Dolls
Welcome to Buy The Bratz Dolls. Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, and Jade are the original Bratz that are loved by many. What these dolls do is represent a urban fashion and have gained strong popularity.
The Bratz are number one in several countries. They have also won Family Fun's Toy Of The Year Award and TIA People's Choice Toy Of The Year Award.
They have a strunt with their over sized heads and big beautiful eyes. You have many who say that the dolls have attitude. They do. It's positive attitude. They are cute, funky and they love their fashions. The Bratz represent Girl Power and self confidence.
Buy Bratz Dolls And Their Many Accessories. Plenty of news and info will always be available for you right here. This blog is for all Bratz Fans. The dolls have it going on. They are gorgeous and fabulous. It's a girl thing:) Buy The Bratz Dolls